Get Immediate Help

At Oglethorpe, we never want an act of power-based violence to happen, but if it does, here is what we recommend:

If you need immediate help call 911

Get safe

If an assault has recently occurred, make sure that you remove yourself from any dangerous situation. Our Campus Safety Officers and Residence Life staff members are readily available to help you 24/7 while students are on campus. You may also want to contact a friend, a family member, or someone you trust.

Brookhaven Police: 678-937-2852

Campus Safety: 404-504-1998

RA on duty: Building phone numbers posted in each residence hall

Pro-staff on Duty: Ask a Resident Assistant to get contact information

Residence Life: 404-364-8520 (Main office 9 am – 5 pm)

If you wish to speak with someone off campus – Day League: 404-377-1428 (24 hr. crisis hot-line)

Get medical attention

Northside Hospital
1000 Johnson Ferry Road NE

Seeking medical attention after an act of sexual violence can be very emotionally and physically difficult. Please allow a member of our response team to accompany you to seek medical attention. A response team member can be reached through Campus Safety at (404) 504-1998.  You may also bring a friend, family member, or another person that you trust.


  • Try not to shower, change your clothes, brush your teeth, urinate, eat, drink, smoke, or take any medications until you receive medical attention.
  • Go to the hospital as soon as possible. You have up to 72 hours after an incident that forensic evidence can be collected.
    • Having evidence collected does not obligate you to pursue legal or disciplinary action — it merely preserves the option for you to do so.
  • Bring a change of clothes and shoes with you, if possible, as the medical professionals will likely keep the clothes that you’re wearing as evidence.
  • If you have changed clothes since the assault, please bring the clothes that you were wearing during the assault with you when you go to seek medical attention.
  • What to expect from a sexual assault exam:

A medical professional will identify and treat any physical injuries (sometimes internal injuries may have occurred); administer sexually transmitted infection prevention measures; give options for pregnancy prevention; collect any forensic evidence and test for any altering or “date rape” drugs.