Student Rights and Responsibilities

Integrity | Respect | Development


Oglethorpe University expects students to conduct themselves in a manner supportive of the educational mission of the institution. The Oglethorpe University Student Conduct system is founded upon the values of our Code of Student Conduct: Integrity, Respect, and Intellectual and Personal Development.

  • Integrity: Be trustworthy, honest, fair, and ethical.
  • Respect: Be civil. Value the dignity of each person and honor the property of others.
  • Development: Be accountable your actions and your intellectual and personal growth in a diverse population.

The Student Conduct system at Oglethorpe is responsible for ensuring that university policies and procedures are respected and that the rights and responsibilities of students are upheld in a fair and consistent manner to maintain a community that respects the dignity and right of all persons to reach their highest potential.

Sari-Jai Walker
Assistant Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
TLCC Student Commons
[email protected]

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